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Project Portfolio

Here you will find a short overview of five projects included in my portfolio. These examples highlight different skills from creative branding and social media planning to paid media and campaign analytics. Please reach out to to view my full portfolio. 

ChowNow Dough Pull.jpg


Organic Social - ChowNow

Crafted engaging reels, highlighted local restaurant partners, and collaborated with artists to produce engaging food-related content. These efforts enhanced ChowNow's social media presence and drove significant food sales through the ChowNow app.


Campaign - Patagonia

Ran paid media content for Patagonia's video project on hemp products, aimed at dispelling misconceptions and promoting eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials. Vetted potential partners and analyzed data, contributing to a highly successful campaign.

Patagonia Hemp Title Card.png
image (1)_edited.jpg


Campaign - House of Poison

Launched and promoted the tabletop game and narrative artbook "House of Poison" on Kickstarter. Managed in-person events, paid media, and influencer relationships, driving significant backer engagement and successfully funding the project.


Strategy - Jaguar

Contributed to the strategic planning of the Jaguar Villains Campaign, which repositioned Jaguar vehicles as the epitome of cool by associating them with iconic movie villains in thrilling action sequences. This campaign significantly shifted global perceptions.



Branding - Kura Kura Bali

Developed and built a rebranding social strategy for Kura Kura Bali, focusing on creating stunning, fresh, and cohesive visuals for their social media. The rebrand aims to captivate travelers and attract potential investors, setting the stage for future growth and engagement.

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